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Wisdom FiRST Residence

2023   |   Brand identity, Brand name, Web design

The brief:


C'est Design was asked to come up with a brand name, logo design, and sales materials for luxury home projects in Wisdom Valley, next to Rugby School Thailand.


Our creative solution:


Wisdom FiRST, a house in the Wisdom Valley and just a few minutes' walk to Rugby School Thailand, was derived from the concept of a house in the Wisdom Valley merged with the concept of Friends & Family in RST (Rugby School Thailand).   


Our brand identity designed in the form of a W with the numeral 1 inserted within. We use the blue of Rugby School as our brand color and highlight the spectrum, which represents the thriving community in Wisdom Valley property.   

C'est Design was given the opportunity to handle all media, including the Concept, Logo, Sales Kit & Brochure, Website Design, and Movie Teaser.

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