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2019   |   Brand identity, Brand name, Web design

The brief:


Our customer sought to build a residential townhome project with one specific target in mind, “Lovers.” The architecture was customized to suit three varieties of families, Lovers, Parents-to-be, and LGBT couples wanting to keep pets.


Our creative solution:


With the clear brand direction to convey the essence of being a “couple,” we explored the case of why two persons became a duo. The discovery led us to see the connection between a place and people living in it. The idea was that “You,” my other half, turned a “House” into a “Home.” My “Home” could only be fulfilled lovingly with “You.” 


From the opening phrase of “Not Alone but TOGETHER,” we extracted the brand’s name as “THER,” the word meaning “You” in Thai that connected well with the Lovers target. The linking rings of leaves icon design identified the brand with its natural features, highlighted with large shaded trees.

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