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2021   |   Brand identity, Brand name

The brief:


We have been asked to build on the sub-brand of NEWERA Luxury Condominium, which is a successful project that we are proud to work with our customer since 2017.  


This time, JAS ASSET wants to build a complete senior living project and wants to have a connection with the old brand through introducing new products to the real estate market.


Our creative solution:


Based on the original idea of Newera (The New Era of Living), C’est Design team therefore presents the brand name “Senera”, formed from the combination of Senior Living + Era to be a beautiful and easy-to-remember name.   


Serena brand will give a fresh and energetic feeling, unlike the existing Senior Living. We have designed our brand identity in the shape of a turbine made up of an S, showing vigorous movement, which is the heart of the elderly residents. Setting the brand's color tones in all 4 main colors to indicate Senera’s 4M : : Mindfulness, Motivation, Movement and Medical & Health Care.

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