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MyMo Alpha

2019   |   Brand Identity

The brief:


This project was entrusted by the First Senior Executive Vice President - Information Technology, Khun Boonson Jenchaimahakoon, at Government Savings Bank. The focus was on the MyMo application which very much needed love and endearing support from GSB’s peers in December 2018.


Our creative solution:


C’est Design launched workshop activities and engaged in the development right from the start. The method shifted from being an exclusive project, limited to 100 participants, to an inclusive one, accepting all GSB’s employees to become parts of this change. The name, “MyMo ALPHA,” depicted as a “Wolf,” exhibited the cunning, nimble, and collective nature of the predator, the traits expected from a good leadership.

The first round of admission in July 2018 attracted the interests of 1,083 GSB’s employees.


In 2020, MyMo ALPHA project initiated its second season with overwhelming support. C’est Design once again joined forces with the GSB’s central team and TN Corporation in developing a new application for GSB’s peers, focused on increasing company-wide customer support capabilities. The process was creatively driven by various self-improving campaigns, including Game Theory as a practical and enjoyable way to learn.


MyMo ALPHA was an exemplary case in measurable success, based on solid increase in sales of financial products. Another success from this campaign was for leaders to identify their “White Elephants,” the outstanding employees in many positions from around the nation.


This project was officially authorized as the Leadership Program during the 2020 annual meeting for managers and executives by Dr. Chatchai Payuhanaveechai, the President of Government Savings Bank. It was a feat to be proud of and an honor to be the founding component of this amazing campaign to date.

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