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2017   |   Brand Identity, Character Design

The Brief:


For 7 years KAMU had operated in Thailand. It was time to produce a Brand Book to guide this Thai brand, albeit with Japanese appearance, to international markets. That was when KAMU sought C’est Design to develop one.

Our Creative Solution:


We developed based on “Nong Kamu,” a mascot originally drawn by the owner, by pulling its recognizable features out to light. We composed a new slogan that KAMU was the one for every mood, any time. Voicing the word “KAMU” out slowly, filling something in between, and voila, we got “Come Reflect Your Mood.” It wonderfully captured the essence of the brand which its name meant “chewing.” Other sales media were designed to mirror many of our moods.


As for the logo, we applied an Optical Illusion technique that, when spun, would bewitch the consumers, pulling them to the store. The logo itself was based on the shape of Nong Kamu’s head.

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