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About Us

Hello, the C’est Design studio’s greetings.

The place of creativity, our team brings.

Our minds’ sharp, our hearts shine,

Our time flies, we pour our all in.  


It’s our wish to have all our creations.  

Be the tools that fuel the trade.

Creative thoughts, smart designs,

Weaponized the business you made.    


Off we sail, never stop, for the know.

Brainstorm, beat the block, let us grow.

Solve the riddle given as a challenge.

In only the best way we could show.  


Build up the pride of clients.

Bring out value for the souls.

To you, to us, through what we sow.

View of the Eiffel Tower


Ploy Zae, the founder of C’est Design, has had 

a fond connection with France ever since 

her residence in Paris and graduating with 

a communication design degree from EPSAA.

During that time, when a fellow design student met with an outstanding design, they would simply exclaim in French “C’est Design!” 

The word “C’est” sounds similar to the founder’s name, and also has a meaning of “This is,” which could be added to anything we are working on. “C’est Design” was thus founded in 2012 with 

its goals of delivering design projects filled 

with beauty, creativity, and a distinctive sense 

of world-class brands.


Ploy Zae

Creative Designer infatuated with Branding, 

Self Improvement, and Team Building.

“I have come to realize the truth to problem solving.

To achieve an effective solution, we must first 

ask the correct question. By fully engaging with

the question, it will truly lead us to the desired

and needed outcome.

Those refined understanding will be the basis which

we set our communication strategy for the ideas,

to and for everyone.

This process takes time and is hardly achieved

without collective effort. This is what has driven me 

on the path of study and research, in the arts

and science of communication, all in the effort

to assist business owners and executives in

achieving their goals.”

Our Clients

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