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2022   |   Brand identity, Packaging

The brief:


In a venture graced by the exquisite taste of Ms. Belle, C'est Design proudly unveils D' Ultimate, a diamond brand of unparalleled elegance. At its heart lies the majestic radiance of D Color diamonds, each a masterpiece of purity, rated a flawless 100. Destined to illuminate the high-end jewelry landscape, D' Ultimate is poised for its grand reveal at the prestigious Central World and Central Phra Ram 9.

Our creative solution:


Embracing the ethos of minimalism, our design palette whispers elegance in shades of white, grey, and black. This choice mirrors the untarnished beauty of the diamonds we represent – pure, lucid, and free from any hue's shadow. Our journey with D' Ultimate has been a labor of love, culminating in a distinctive brand identity, captivating marketing narratives, and packaging that speaks of subtle luxury. This endeavor stands as a beacon of our team's passion and craftsmanship.

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