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Apron Walk

2019   |   Brand identity, Brand name

The brief:


Our assignment this time was to build, from scratch, the brand of cooking lovers’ kitchen appliances store on the ground floor of Samyan Mitrtown. Its main products were the cookwares and spices.


Our creative solution:


Introducing the main concept of “MY TASTE, MY CUISINE,” highlighting the distinct and different ways of making food that each of us could call our own. It’s now the trend of us the people to enjoy the “TASTE” made of our own preferred “CUISINE.”


As for the brand name, we suggested a recognized name in any cooking scene. No matter if you are a good cook, a great chef, or any typical newbie, you all know and probably use an ”APRON.” And adding “WALK,” derived from “Catwalk” which is home to everything new, innovative, and ahead of its time, would then result in “APRON WALK,” the hub for cooking items and spices for all cooking enthusiasts.


You, me, anyone, can grab an “APRON,” “WALK” right into their kitchen, and cook to your heart’s content.


C’est Design was appointed to oversee Creative Concept, Brand Names, Signage Design, and Brand Identity Design. The Interior Design collaborator, Ductstore The Design Guru, brought their passionate magic of interior gimmick to life, directly from the brand name itself. Silhouette of an apron inspired the curved structures. Also, its chic nude pink color could catch the eyes right away.

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