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2023   |   Brand identity

The brief:


The C'est Design team embarked on a captivating journey when tasked with rebranding the 10th-anniversary celebration of "AssetFive," a property developer. At the helm of this endeavor was Mr. Tony, the CEO, determined to shed the Panjasap family's image. Additionally, Khun Bank Advisor aspired to infuse "A5" with emotions that would resonate deeply with residents.


Our creative solution:


Our methodology began with profound interviews with the management team, aiming to unearth the essence of Mr. Tony's vision. A resounding desire emerged – the longing to convey the "heart" that fueled their endeavors, a hidden force that drove them. Mr. Tony's unwavering belief echoed in our minds: "If there is love, you can always do more than you can imagine."     


This revelation led us to dissect the word "Asset," discovering that "life" encompassed greater depth and emotion. The five A's, woven together, breathed significance into every home and family, enriching their stories.     

A better me 

A happy home 

A place full of memories 

A life full of joy 

A better planet     


Inspired, we crafted an identity design resembling interlocking hearts, seamlessly incorporating the letters A and 5 to embody A5's newfound DNA. The color palette transitioned from gold to passionate burgundy, symbolizing creations made with heartfelt devotion.     


The C'est Design team meticulously attended to every facet, from Brand Concept and Branding Design to Souvenir Design. Our privilege lay in contributing to this project, one that thrived with remarkable value and unwavering passion.

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