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Wowwam Gemstones

Our generous customer, khun Ake, has deeply passion in hi-end brands. 


At first he asked us to rebrand his previous WOWWAM Logo by telling a bit of the style that he likes : something luxury,

European and has a masculine characteristic. 


So we came up with the idea of the most precious gemstones that often are offered to the queens as the proof of her lover :

The Emeralds (i.e. The Cleopatra Emerald, Elizabeth Taylor’s Emeralds). The colour palette is from the ancient period of Europe

and a sense of craftsmanship.


The Shape of “O” and “A” represents the core business. WOWWAM is specialised in creating and crafting gemstones. The “O”

is the gemstone before crafted in to the gemstone shape of the “A”.


Since then we became WOWWAM’s creative partner in designs for website, booklets, and  WOWWAM’s booth at Thailand Gems

& Jewellery Fair 2016 and more to come in Las Vegas at JCK Fair 2017. 


Visit WOWWAM at www.wowwam-gemstones.com

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