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The Success Chaser (DeMark Award Finalist 2016)

On the agenda for the 10th year anniversary of the company, stock2morrow, which is a leader in the self-development section,

wanted to create special collectibles to give to their customers. 


The strength of stock2tomorrow is that they have leaders from different occupations gather to share their stories to our society.

After receiving briefs, our design team want to create a tool box that anyone can find success on their own, using the map and

guide book which are created specially for this occasion. 


We have a single goal in mind is to "create the work that are beneficial to those who have it.”


After observed in the market. There are not really a company celebration book project that truly give the reader chances to

engage with them. We, therefore, intend to create works that readers can create their own stories.


We started from create the story of "the success chaser" by finding the best way to express it. From that concept,

we created the theme and the propose from photography to every design expects. Even the writings they must share from

writer's pain point from trying to looked up for success. 


passed 1st round, DEMARK Award 2016.

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