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2023   |   Brand identity

The brief:


Khun Ta and Khun Poom are focused on rejuvenating the brand image of SEI, a company with a legacy of over 30 years in distributing medical equipment across all life stages, from newborn to elderly care. Their efforts come as the company transitions to a publicly listed entity, now known as SEI Medical Public Company Limited.


Our creative solution:


C’est Design has highlighted the brand's strength as a comprehensive medical equipment distributor covering the entire lifecycle of an individual, from birth to old age. This concept is visually represented through a brand identity that transitions from the image of a baby to that of an adult, using simple silhouette facial profiles blended with dialogue icons. The color scheme transitions from baby blue to a more mature blue, creating a heart shape from a distance, offering a modern and distinctive brand image.  


Our team is grateful for the opportunity Khun Ta and Khun Poom have given us, as well as their courage to choose to present the brand in such a modern image.

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