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2019   |   Brand identity, Brand name

The brief:


From the real estate brand “Zillhouette Thonglor,” it then needed rebranding to appeal to the big spenders. This residential project offered Luxurious Townhomes on Thonglor road, priced at 35 - 60 million THB with only 4 units in total. This brand would target higher-end buyers, aged 35 - 45 years old. Also, the owner loves terraces and is very fond of names related to “Fragrance.”


Our creative solution:


C’est Design proposed the concept and name based on a word with double meaning, “Sage.” Sage is a herb in the mint family, famous for its culinary use and rich scent. Its other meaning is to label an intellectual or those with philosophy. All matched the requirements and suited target segment with smart and savvy lifestyle. 


The identity design emphasized the “S” from the name. The intertwined stems placed vertically and shaped into infinity symbols reflect the luxurious yet worthwhile progress of life achieved through an ownership of residence in downtown Thonglor.

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