The Brief:


Khun Som OJ came to realize the discord between the then logo and the brand’s vision. The mission to rebrand “OJHAIR” was then set to refresh the high-end and professional salon brand with the guise of exalted British charm and contemporary in practice. The inspiration was drawn from Schwarzkopf Professional, the renowned salon brand and academy.

Our Creative Solution:


In 2017, C’est Design team proposed the new Brand Identity in the new light of stylish elegance. The fluent stroke added a twist that doubled “J” as a lock of hair. The orange tone was a gimmick that played with the name “OJ,” a well known abbreviation for Orange Juice. The team provided deep supervision of Brand Identity usage to the minutest details in every point of the salon.


Founder & Creative Director

Ploy Zae

As of now, OJHAIR is the brand cherished by A-List customers as per the strategic vision set by Khun Som. She is a truly remarkable and talented lady. We at C’est Design are glad to be entrusted with OJHAIR rebranding. The pride is ours.

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