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Medium and More

2019   |   Brand identity

The brief:


The executives tasked us with the challenge of differentiating the brand of stationery and crafting goods in Samyan Mitrtown from every other brand currently in the market. They were very inclined to the style and branding of Japanese stationery, writing supplies, and sundries.


Our creative solution:


Our concept proposal was one word, “Feels.” We believed that all artsy persons and writaholics would love to, if not already, “cast their feelings” into their own creations. Whether their mood be love, merry, solitude, or sorrow; it would be shown through every letter. All was distilled into the concept to let you “EXPRESS YOUR FEELINGS” on a “MEDIUM” in any shape or form, with “MORE” variety than you could ever ask for. The name came as a love child during a brainstorm between us and the customer themselves, born as “MM,” shortened from MEDIUM and MORE.


C’est Design took the reins of Creative Concept, Signage Design, and Brand Identity Design. In collaboration with Tott & Sari, the Interior Design lead, we complemented our expertise and made the store look cool and affordable. Wide selections of stationery goods, imported arts and crafts items, all await your discovery. Get your dose of new creative ideas and communication techniques, and EXPRESS YOUR FEELINGS in your very own unique way.

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