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2019   |  Brand Identity

The Brief:


“NORD” was a real estate project on Ladprao 110 road by ASSETTA. It housed fully built townhomes right next to the monorail transit system. The project was suited for newer generations, intended to accommodate entrepreneurs and designers. The name “NORD,” meaning “North,” was a requirement along with the preferences in the wooden, clean, and minimal tone.

Our Creative Solution:


The main concept was slightly changed by conforming “NORD,” from a direction, to “NORDIC Living” instead. The Finnish lifestyle just happened to be the trend in 2018, a coincidental event.


With the brand nudged to adopt the Nordic style, the print design for “NORD 110” went along smoothly. Nordic living is centered around the feel of nature, the delicacy of handmade things, and the minimalistic tidiness which boiled down to the “Less is more” philosophy.

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