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The one to expand your “Idea” into practical “Result,” ready to be deployed to your team and customers.

Best suited for


Company Executives and Business Owners with ideas in drafts, needing a dedicated “Helper” to

realize and shape those drafts into reality, producing actual corporate communication messages

both internal and external.

Working Principle

Lead by creative thinking. Sort out the story, then systematically design the efficient and practical

solution for the customer.


Identify hidden problems :

The team engages in a meeting with the owner

or executives to comprehend the matter at hand or the main ideas to be made true.



Internal workshops :

Conduct a series of workshops to characterize your organization’s

teams, structure, and

internal factors.


Connect the dots :

With key discoveries derived from issues and workshops, propose feasible ideas and action plans to be implemented in order.


Rearrange &

manage the system :

Produce communication plans and their related designs under the guidance of revamped structure and management.

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